A Passing Song

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Image of A Passing Song

May 1, 2022
Limited edition of 200
Soft-cover - perfect bound.
8” x 11”
65 pages

A Passing Song is a book of photographs and poems featuring the work of Sal Taylor Kydd and Dawn Surratt.

During 2020 - 2021, Sal and Dawn embarked on a collaborative project entitled Touchstones. Touchstones was a visual conversation between the two artists that took place online, as week to week they exchanged photographs and wrote poems, creating diptychs that explored connections between the work. The artists would meet each week, on Zoom, which was a lifeline during those difficult times that forged a growing friendship and ongoing artistic collaboration.

This project explored themes of connection, isolation and loss, as well as adaptability and creativity as the world was challenged with the life threatening pandemic. Both artists live on the East coast, separated by two thousand miles in physical terms, but less than a minute in the virtual sense.

Through this series of photographic diptychs and poems, the work evolved as a call and response, pairing photographs and writing, building on the foundation of trust and understanding that continues to grow between the two artists.

Each book includes two limited edition signed risograph prints.